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Sculptures and Ceramics

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  • Dancer Mug Square Ceramic Stoneware Soft Green


    Ceramic stoneware Square “Dancer” mug  in Soft Green  for tea/coffee

    Each of Jaro’s mugs are individually designed and handmade . They are functional pieces of tableware which can be used for tea or coffee.  Each piece is 100 microwave and dishwasher proof and is fully glazed with a strong, unusually shaped handle.

    All my work is inspired by music and dance with the desire to convey the sheer impression of momentum.” This inspiration for this piece is the Tango dance. It would make a lovely gift for someone or why not treat yourself to a small piece of art that you can use daily!

    Each piece is stamped on the bottom with the artists initials


    9.5cm h x 9cm w.  Capacity approx. – 300ml

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  • Emerald green resin candleholder


    Polished resin candle holder artist proof .


    H 5cm x W 10.5cm x D 6.5cm

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  • FRAGMENT III – Glass Green polished resin


    Custom pigmented , translucent polyester resin – Unique piece .

    This is one of series of unique pieces cast using just a part of a larger form mould. I love the idea of seeing details in isolation and possibly in a new orientation.

    We all get used to seeing things in a certain way and can actually stop looking or appreciating a form, a line or a curve.

    This process has enabled me to reimagine and reengage with existing work, celebrating different areas of a form with different light transmissions created by new endings or edges.


    D:7.5 x W:40 x H:10cm

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  • Full stop doorstop raw white


    Raw white polished  concrete and leather doorstop.  Limited edition .


    H19cm x W 18.5cm x D16.5cm (excluding handle)

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  • Green concrete and leather paperweight


    Green concrete paperweight with leather .limited edition.


    H 5cm x W13cm x D12cm

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  • Hare portrait sculpture


    Stoneware ceramic mounted on a steel base with an oxide patina. I have a fascination for hares and love their striking form and beauty. This is one of my most recent hare sculptures which has a rich deep brown patina, enhanced by the reflective steel base.


    H45 x W25 x D20cm

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  • Hare sculpture


    Unique ceramic stoneware with oxide patina mounted on oak. I love the mysterious qualities of hares, their speed and agility. This hare is capturing the sense of movement with his angled ears and tilted head. The sculpture has a rich warm brown oxide and a textured surface. 


    H25 x W17 x D15cm

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  • Hector


    Unique stoneware ceramic with glaze.

    ‘Hector’ was inspired by my studies of the male torso and also fragmented forms from the Antiquities.

    His gentle lean to the right gives a slight sense of movement to the form. For this sculpture I chose a rich dark blue glaze to emphasis his anatomy.


    D:11 x W:13 x H:24cm

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  • Kinetic Study 15


    Aluminium,copper,brass and gemstone – Here the artist was interested in seeing if he could make a piece where even the stand is in balance so that the entire sculpture is capable of movement.


    40cm x 55cm.


    This piece is created to order and may take up to 3 weeks to deliver.

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  • Kinetic Study 2, version 2


    Steel and bronze – this piece contrasts elegance and structural simplicity. The base is made of two interlocking, modified triangles that support the mobile.


    35cm x 50cm.


    This piece is created to order and may take up to 3 weeks to deliver.

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  • Kinetic Study 20, version 2


    Resin, copper and brass on a light oak base. Creating some real drama in the base providing a sense of tension between it and the more serene mobile.


    40cm x 65cm.


    This piece is created to order and may take up to 3 weeks to deliver.

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  • Kinetic Study 24


    Resin and copper on a light oak base.


    This piece is part of a series in which I am interested in contrasting the very solid, stable supporting base with the more ephemeral, changeable mobile. The two forms complement and enhance one another in a dance-like arabesque.


    30cm x 70cm.


    This piece is created to order and may take up to 3 weeks to deliver.

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