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  • Swivel Sitters


    Acrylic and collage on canvas (framed).

    The Modern Love series is all about opposites, contrast, diversity, attraction, yin and yang. As humans, we love to sit, so much so that some chairs leave an imprint behind and over time mould to the shape of the sitter, as if they’re morphing into humans. Or are we morphing into the chair?

    A black or natural wood frame complements this piece.

    76cm x 76cm

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  • The Way


    Ink , gold ink and gold leaf on Aquarelle paper (acid free). (framed).


    This painting expresses Japanese pilgrimage paths that are very much about the temple and palace gardens- focusing not only on the beauty of the landscape but on ones own positive journey through life. Sometimes it is easier than others to stay focused and the trickles of ink represent the crowded distractions along the way.


    A black wood frame complements this piece.


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  • Through the Mist


    Giclee from an  original artwork of Acrylic and gold leaf on William Turner archival acid free papers (framed). This piece was created at the end of lockdown and with an end in sight to follow.  Through the Mist captures the possibilities of a hopeful future.  A white scoop frame complements this piece.


    85cm x 67cm

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  • Tokyo Dream


    Acrylic, collage, charcoal and ink on paper. (unframed).

    Inspired by a day at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

    I love the juxtaposition of artefacts from all over the world and from all areas of creativity: Japanese ukiyo-e paintings, Michaelangelo sculptures, Islamic tiles, and high end fashion all housed under the same roof in the centre of London .


    59cm x 84cm

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  • Toyama II


    Ink and gold leaf on aquarelle paper (acid free). (framed).


    Using the traditional techniques of Japanese calligraphy to paint this mountain range to the north of Honshu in single ink brush strokes.


    A black wood frame complements this piece.


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  • Tree Dance (Triptych)


    Acrylic and charcoal on plywood (framed).

    This piece was inspired by walking in the woods in the snow .

    This work is a triptych and can be hung in any order. Each individual piece is framed with a black wooden frame.


    81cm x 65cm

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  • Trust


    Acrylic and collage on canvas (framed.)

    The Infinity series is about patterns within patterns. Trust is about synergy and safety in numbers. A black or natural wood frame complements this piece.

    33cm x 23cm

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  • Tsukanoma (Fleeting)


    Acrylic and ink on cartridge paper (framed).


    This painting is a section of an Enso – a circle painted with a single brush stroke.The arc represents times of a glimpse of focus and offers the encouragement to continue with efforts to find harmony or make dreams a reality.


    A black wood frame complements this piece.


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  • Tub


    Acrylic and coloured on canvas panel (framed). En Face de… Portraits and nudes series, exploring perceptions of the female muse. A take on the classic early 20th Century Expressionist nude, from the perspective of a 21st Century female artist. A black wood frame complements this piece.


    43cm x 53cm

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  • Turf at Sunset, Donegal


    Acrylic and gold leaf on linen (unframed) County Donegal is a wild and exceptionally beautiful part of Ireland, bordering North andSouth of the island. Much of my painting is preoccupied with the Wild Atlantic Way where the mighty North Atlantic seas crash against the coastline and peatland and water seamlessly blend in the most honest of landscapes. This painting captures both and is often the case with my work, deep horizons knit it all together with textures of precious gold leaf capturing the unique light patterns.


    70cm x 100cm

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  • Turquoise Sea


    Japanese watercolour on Aquarelle paper (framed).

    A soft blend of soothing greens in Japanese watercolour glow inviting you to relax and enjoy the restorative qualities of this sea.


    A white wood frame complements this piece.

    45cm x 33cm

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  • Two Beach Huts


    by Keith Busby

    Gouache on recycled paper (framed). Walking the dogs on a beach on a lovely sunny morning with a clear blue sky Cornwall was twinned with California and this influenced my palette for this painting. The beach hut is an old life guard observation post perched on the rocks that frame the beach. I  noticed a piece of debris buried in the sand that looked like the remains of a second beach hut that had been washed away. A black wood frame complements this piece.


    22cm x 27.5cm

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