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Autumn show

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  • 414 Bus


    By Kate Domash

    Oil and shellac on mountboard (framed). This is the view of the 414 bus heading towards Fulham through Knightsbridge. The setting sun reflecting on the buildings caught my eye. This piece is floated in a black frame.


    40cm x 31cm

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  • A chocolate biscuit


    by Louise Wright

    Wet and needle felted wool fibres with free machine embroidered African hand batik fabric. This is a self portrait aged about 4 with my mother. It is based on a small black and white photograph, taken in the UK, where I am looking seriously at the camera and holding a biscuit. Our warm clothes and the hat that my mother is wearing, are contrasted with the African hand batik fabric sewn into the background … a memory of my mother’s upbringing in sunnier South Africa.


    52cm x 38cm

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  • A Road to Nowhere


    Oil on  Canvas (framed). I pass this track every day when I walk my dog in Dorset and have drawn and painted it from many different angles.  Here I have really gone to town with the perspective and mark making. The entire painting was done with a  large decorators brush.


    80cm x 80cm

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  • A Walk on the Beach


    Acrylic on mountboard (framed).  This painting was inspired by a wild and rainy walk on Ynslas Beach near my parents house on the Welsh coast. It is a long 5 mile stretch of sand on the Irish sea and I’ve witnessed some spectacular weather there.

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  • Absent


    By Moira Ross

    Circular Maltese limestone on a wood base. I do like abstracts, a lot of mine are round. There is something about a circle. It’s embracing, inclusive but if there’s a hole? Is something missing or does it allow for a view to somewhere else? For me this shiny sculpture offers hope. What else is out there?


    22cm x 32cm x 7.5cm

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  • Aestas

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  • Anatomie 6


    Mixed media on canvas . Netting and metal grids are imprinted into handmade gesso leaving a textured surface on which layers of oil paint were added. Through the slow and meditative process of creating it, I hoped to instil the essence of a state of mind into the surface of the painting.


    100cm x 100cm

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  • Anatomie 7


    Mixed media on canvas.  Spray paint and stencils are printed over a textured surface on which layers of oil paint were added. Through the slow and meditative process of creating it, I hoped to instil the essence of a state of mind into the surface of the painting.


    90 cm x 90cm

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  • Apples on glass


    By Moira Ross

    3 Maltese limestone apples on glass base . These are all made from the same size of stone blocks but they are not exactly the same.  It just happens that way.  When I set them out on the glass, I try to balance them, the one I think is larger going in the middle. Other people might have a different way to arrange them.  That makes me happy.


    13 cm W x 9cm H x 3cm D

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  • Autumnus


    Giclee from an original artwork of Acrylic and gold leaf on William Turner archival acid free papers  (framed). This particular piece is a celebration of the season and is part of a series on Autumn. An olive painted scoop frame complements the artwork.


    71cm x 83cm

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  • Becca


    Unique ceramic mounted on black patinated steel base.


    H 25cm x W11cm x D11cm

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  • Beyond the Gate 1


    Watercolour and acrylic on Arches paper (unframed). Further inspired by the coastal path along the southeastern shore of Lough Neagh in the North of Ireland.These paintings on Arches watercolour paper are quite graphic in their approach, drawing inspiration from the flora and fauna and refining those shapes in a form of drawing which in many ways is how I view much of my work on paper. The coastal sand, sea and land is inferred by minimum brushstrokes and al the time colour is key to telling the story of place and time


    56cm x 76cm

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