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  • Blondie 77


    Collage (framed). 

    Inspired by old album covers (often works of art in themselves with interesting background narratives) and new wave early 80’s music.

    A black aluminium frame complements this piece.

    30 x 43cm

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  • Bonnie and Clyde



    Collage – hand finished with neon acrylic (framed).

    This piece is inspired by the 1967 film directed by Arthur Penn.


    I found the two figures in separate second-hand books, cut them out and then they hung around in the studio for quite a while.


    The graffiti in the background was done by @Sixe Paredes who is a contemporary artist from Barcelona known as Sixeart or Sixe art.


    This piece didn’t start coming together until I found and added the cat and dog heads and Bonnie and Clyde emerged.


    Not wanting to romanticise gun crime, I thought paint balling should be the thing.


    A grey wood frame complements this piece.

    55 x 62.5cm

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  • By The Lake


    Collage of Hampstead Heath lake on enlarged digital photograph .

    I spend a lot of time people watching and, after an afternoon on Hampstead Heath, I started this collage.

    Inspired by a bit of daydreaming and a watching people enjoying the lake and the environment around it.

    The view didnt capture the London skyline so I collaged it in and Voilà.

    A black wood frame complements this piece.

    84.5 x 64.5cm

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  • Early Parkour


    Collage ( framed) of the rooftops of New York.

    The original high angle shot of New York (found in an old guide) shows a great view of the rooftops and I love the atmosphere that’s created. 

    Here, Vivienne Leigh, leaps from roof top to roof top, demonstrating that parkour didn’t start in Paris after all. 

    A black wood frame complements this piece.

    33 x 31cm

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  • Into the Chicane


    Collage print – black and white  (unframed).

    This came after a conversation with my brother about how many modern cars lack character.

    The car in the collage represents the golden age of motoring, and the rose, the romance of it all.

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  • Just a Perfect day


    Collage (framed).

    Inspired by the Raymond Chandler novel, The Lady in the Lake, which portrayed Los Angeles in all its wonderful seedy glamour.

    Many characters are paranoid and lonely, often finding solace in the bottom of a bottle. 

    A black aluminium frame complements this piece.

    30 x 43cm

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  • Londons Calling


    Limited edition collage print (unframed). 

    There’s a rich history of graffiti, at least going back to the Roman period, so here is an imagined view of Thames by Canaletto.

    The chaos of modern living is contrasted with the serene beauty of an old master. The title links to The Clash and their 1979 track, with the same title, exploring an apocalyptic future.

    Edition 10/35.

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  • Ogle


    Collage black and white of Aston Martin. (framed).

    The Aston Martin is another example of an image I find and keep for months before it seems to fit somewhere.

    This simple composition is inspired by old black and white films and has a nostalgic feel for me. Yves Montand, Italian-French actor, seemed like a likely owner of a car like this.

    A black aluminium frame complements this piece.

    30 x 43cm

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  • Rue de la Encarnación


    Collage on enlarged digital photograph(framed).

    This piece is inspired by my travels and the architecture of Seville. This stunning building, on Rue de la Encarnación, really caught my imagination.

    Some of the windows were open and rooms were clearly occupied while others were boarded up and graffitied making it stunning, romantic and intriguing. 

    The added collage includes a mini photo which I took in Kyoto of a Geisha, a miniature spray-painted squirrel by @chriscongre an artist friend (so, an original within an original) and fragments from the business cards of other artist friends which add to the paste-ups already covering the walls.

    If it’s okay to have a favourite of your own work, this would probably be it. 

    A black wood frame complements this piece.

    91 x 66cm

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  • Ta Da


    Limited edition collage print  (unframed).

    A depiction of the age of the music hall where the entertainment came through humour and song. Lottie Collins’ ‘Ta Ra Ra Boom de Ay’ was a popular tune of the times, its absurdity is reflected in the zebra head that is the perfect accompaniment to the striped dress.

    Edition 10/50

    26 x 31.5cm

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  • Venetian Getaway


    Collage on board (framed)-One from my postcard series. 

    I found a book on Canaletto, in a little second-hand Bristol bookshop, and used fragments of it in collages for weeks. I could spend hours in an old bookshop.

    As I felt guilty about cutting up such a great book, I bought another from Amazon (which I cut up-this often happens).

    The composition of this little piece just evolved through playing with different ideas. No doubt it will have a different narrative to different people.

    To me, it’s about travel, romance and the unexpected (with some nostalgia).

    A black wood frame complements this piece.

    26.5 x 23cm

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  • Warhol Paste up


    Collage on enlarged digital photograph (framed).

    Barcelona is one of my favourite cities and while other people took photos of architecture (I did some of that too) I was more drawn to the backstreets and street art.


    This photo shows just part of a wall of graffiti which had layers of textures and colours. I love the accidental images that appear on walls like this.


    Working with this idea, I added collage detail which marries up an old black and photo from a second-hand book with an iconic Andy Warhol image.


    A black wood frame complements this piece.

    55 x 44cm


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