Naomi Munuo

Naomi Munuo

I aim to bring elements of the unexpected and accidental to give the work, life and freedom.

I am a fine art painter with a fashion design background. I studied at Central St Martins in the late 80’s early 90’s. I have taught art and run an arts faculty for many years alongside producing and exhibiting my work. I now dedicate my full time to creating and exhibiting my artwork. My work is representational – still life, interiors and figure mainly. I aim to bring elements of the unexpected and accidental to give the work, life and freedom.


I work with a range of media. Currently focussing on acrylic painting but love to work with collage and a whole variety of mixed media. I am also very excited by print and have been working on a collection of screen and block prints. I enjoy the intensity of the colour that can be achieved with acrylic paint, the fast-drying nature of it lends itself to the way I like to work, building up layers. As with screen printing, I enjoy making my own stencils to use with paint.


My work is of the decorative mid-century style inspired by the modern masters and my interior surroundings. I set up still life scenes with objects and artefacts from around my house. The figures I draw have a sculptural element to them. I grew up surrounded by my father’s sculptures and my mother’s collections of vintage ceramic ornaments, fabrics and colourful abstract paintings.

Naomi Munuo in studio
Naomi Munuo Prayer plant with gingham curtain Acrylic on canvas (framed) 76 x 61cm £1700

Since leaving the family home many years ago I have set out to establish collections like this in my own home and studio, which are a constant source of inspiration for me. Colour, composition, tonal contrast and spontaneous mark making are important. I take interest in those masters of the twentieth century who explored these possibilities in their work.


My artistic intention is to create a frisson between joyful colour harmonies and compositional structure whilst narrating the drama which exists in the relationship between the object and its environment. I am keen to capture the essence of form and juxtapose this with flat patterned areas. From my work I hope the viewer will take away some of the beauty that I see in everyday things.


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Solo Exhibitions

2022 – The Aldeburgh Gallery 2022

2013/2009/2008 – The John Russel Gallery


Art Platforms 2022 – 2020





Art Fairs 2022 – 2017

Contemporary Art Fair Sandown – Atherton Green Art

Affordable Art Fair – Battersea Nadia Waterfield Fine Art

Decorative Art Fair – Battersea Catharine Miller Gallery

Decorative Art Fair – Olympia Thomas Spenser Fine Art

Art Fair East – Norwich

Parallax Art Fair – Kensington


Group Exhibitions 2022 – 1996

Atherton Green Art – Hampshire

Liberty London

Nadia Waterfield Fine Art – Hampshire and Bruton

Catharine Miller Gallery – London

Artologie – Haywardsheath

Lime Tree Gallery Long Melford and Bristol

The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition – London

The Russell Gallery – London

Birch – Hertfordshire

McCully and Crane – Rye

Iona House Gallery – Woodstock

Editions Ltd – Liverpool

Boho House – Norfolk

MF Framing – Ipswich

John Russell Gallery – Ipswich

Art For Cure – Suffolk

Hatfield Hines – Holt

Art Fusion – Miami

Naomi Munuo in studio
Naomi Munuo Flowers say it best Acrylic on canvas (framed)51 x 41cm £1175