Sophie Bartlett - Atherton Green Art
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Sophie Bartlett


  • Black and white nude


    Mixed media on paper (unframed).

    This is of the lovely girl Natasha who I used as the subject in “Blue Nude”.

    I used to do a life drawing class on a Monday morning – a great way to start the week!

    I found her a a very inspiring model – a joy to draw!

    35 cm x 45 cm

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  • Coffee Pot and Dahlias II


    Oil on board (framed).

    I set up a photo of the still life initially.  It was painted at the end of the summer with the last of the dahlias from my garden and some of my favourite vases.

    I wanted to try and capture the joy of all the components talking to each other.

    A white wood frame complements this piece.

    97cm x 68cm

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  • J.P.Garden II


    Watercolour on paper (unframed).

    This was painted outside in a friend, Jennifer’s garden. She has the most beautiful garden – very loose and voluptuous.

    Spent a day there making paintings in the early summer.

    74cm x 58cm

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  • Smoking Lady


    Ink on paper (framed).

    This was part of a big series that I am still working on, restricting myself to the use of black ink, painting from old black and white photographs that inspire me.


    A white wood frame complements this piece.

    50cm x 68cm

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