Sarah-Cate Blake


“I love being outdoors, immersed in the landscape. I carry a watercolour set and sketch materials to document my emotive responses to the landscape there and then. These can be loose washes and quick atmospheric compositions in colour or tightly observed drawings and documents of a detail or thought”.

Sarah-Cate Blake studied as a sculptor specialising in bronze and steel in the inspiring studios set in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where artists in residence offer teaching and included Andy Goldsworthy, Peter Randall-Page, Sophie Ryder and David Morris. Based in Cambridge Sarah-Cate develops her art practice in ink, acrylic, watercolour, gold leaf, mixed media and in ceramic and wood.


With a concern for meditative landscape.


Sky             Sea               Light        Mountain

Breath       Thought        Being      Transition

Toyama II

Landscapes and the composite elements of an environment are a formative part of her practice with an emersion into this essential energy. Sitting, walking and spending time exploring a particular location is part of this extended understanding. Constantly referring and having an acknowledgment of the psychology of how one begins being in that place, the act of being & doing. Sarah-Cate takes mindful walks along coast paths, wood trails, hill tops when she is travelling, having an awareness of the micro as well as the macro landscapes, mosses, lichen, leaves as well as the bigger ‘stuff’.



Sarah-Cate has an interest in East Asia both as an artist and as a museums specialist; she has worked at The British Museum, London and is currently at the Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge.

After many years studying East Arts techniques in 2018 she travelled through Honshu, Japan. Here she visited museums, galleries, temples and gardens passing through the Japan Alps and along the Japan Sea, creating a detailed journal and sketchbooks that form an ongoing body of landscape paintings in ink and gold leaf. She researches the art of Japan and paints using traditional Japanese brushes, ink, watercolour pigments, gold leaf, and papers and explores meditative calligraphic traditions. Most recently she is working in clay and returning to her sculptural practices to explore a simple act of Suru (through) and Baransu (Balance) transforming found materials to incorporate into her ceramic forms. Sarah-Cate is returning to Japan in November 2019 to further develop her practice.


ZEN, 2019 Ink and Gold leaf.



“No need to fill the space, allow room for breathe and thought”



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Courses and study:

Ceramics, Hills Road College, Cambridge 2018 – ongoing

Woodblock printing, Toyoko, Japan 2018

Etching Course Dekkle Studio Baldock April 2016

Intaglio Course, Curwen Print Studios Sept 2012

Booking Making Curwen Print Studio May 2010

MA, University of London 2002-2004

Post Graduate Diploma, Sheffield 1989-1990

BA hons Fine Art, Leeds University 1985-1988

Foundation Art, Cambridge School of Art 1983-1984

  • Roco 6×6, Rochester Contemporary Arts Center, New York
  • Contemporary Art Fair Sandown, Newbury and Windsor represented by Athertongreenart
  • ‘Illuminating the Self ’ installation, curator Susan Aldsworth, Haddon Gallery Newcastle
  • Contemporary Art Fair Windsor represented by Athertongreenart
  • Roco 6×6, Rochester Contemporary Arts Center, New York
  • Contemporary Art Fair Newbury represented by Atherton Art.
  • ‘AWASH’, Society of East Anglian Watercolourist 30 Jan-24 Feb, Handa Gallery, Norfolk. )
  • 6×6, Rochester Gallery, New York USA
  • Open Studio, Cambridge
  • ‘AWASH’, Handa Gallery, Society of East Anglian Watercolourist, North Norfolk. Jan-Feb 2019
  • Sleep, VoegeleKulture, Zurich Switzerland group installation curated by Susan Aldsworth.
  • GO! Landscape painting,The Makers’ Gallery Cambridge. November
  • Summer exhibition, Great Bardfield, Essex. May
  • ‘Respond’, @Stir Cambridge, a group show connected by the Fitzwilliam Museum. May
  • Art on a Postcard, Art Car Booty,  London. December
  • Art on a Postcard, The Other Art Fair ,  London. March
  • VQ Chitsu series, Birmingham Women’s Hospital.
  • Art on a Postcard,  #Artonapostcard crowd fundraiser
  • Art on a Postcard, #Artonaplectrum crowd fundraiser
  • ‘The Dark Self’ , St Mary’s York,  installation curator Susan Aldsworth
  • ‘Arising’, Reykjavik Museum, Iceland. Curator, Yoko Ono. 2016-2017
  • Magog Down, Cambridge Art Festival
  • 13, Babylon Gallery, Ely
  • 15, Romsey Art Salon, Cambridge
  • Open East, Kings Lynne Arts Centre
  • Selected landscapes, Whittlesford Art Gallery
  • Dawn-Dusk Seascapes, Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge
  • ‘Yellow Monkey’, paintings and poetry publication
  • ‘Made’, Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology Cambridge University
  • 3, St Edmunds Bury Cathedral
  • Selected show, Suisho Gallery, Cambridge
  • Cambridge Artists Heffers, Cambridge
  • Perpetual, Addenbrookes, Cambridge
  • Bronze, Suisho Gallery,
  • Perpetual, Festival of Women’s Photographers, Eastern Region
  • Selected prints, Cambridge Business Arts
  • Seven, Cambridge School of Art
  • Degree Show, Bretton Hall College, West Yorkshire.
  • Summer Show, Gallery on the Cam.
  • Women in Print Trumpington Art Gallery, Cambridge

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Illuminating the Self, Newcastle, curator Susan Aldworth, Central St Martin’s Art College


ARISE, YOKO ONO, Anglia Ruskin Gallery Cambridge.


Sleep, VoegeleKulture, Zurich Switzerland, curator Susan Aldworth, Central St Martin’s Art College


The Dark Self, St. Mary’s York, curator Susan Aldworth, Central St Martin’s Art College


ARISE,  YOKO ONO, Reykjavik Museum, Iceland.


Corporate: Owen Bond Architect Partnership, Norwich

Corporate: Birmingham Women’s Hospital

Corporate: Create, Cambridge.

Corporate: Cambridge City Council.

Private: Count De Masse, Vineyard Moulin de Breuil, France;

Private: Illinois, USA

Private collections: France, Britain, Switzerland, USA.