My work is influenced by my interest in surface and texture, in particular surfaces created by erosion, rust and fire and is further informed by my fascination with learning and process which is ‘both a curse and a blessing’.

My collections are a combination of smoke fired porcelain bowls, plates and sculptural pieces occasionally with inclusions of glass and surfaces created by the use of alternative firing techniques and wild crazy surfaces created by the use of lustres. To enhance the smoke firing process I explore the local beaches for seaweed, shells and other ‘finds’ which I add to sawdust in my home built kiln which I fire in my garden. “I love the tactility of working with clay, forming a piece, smoothing and perfecting the surface before relinquishing control to the kiln gods!” I studied for my foundation degree at Rugby Art College before completing my BA Hons  in Fine Product at Coventry University.  In 2009 I moved to the Southwest and graduated from Plymouth College of Art Masters programme (Entrepreneurship in Creative Practice) in 2012. I have a studio at Flameworks Creative Art Facility in Plymouth and also a small ‘shedio’ in my garden and work between the two depending on the project in hand. 

Leigh Mason

My work has been featured on Great British Menu, in John Lewis and I have recently been selected to take part in an advertorial in World of Interiors magazine.


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