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Georgina Pearce

Georgina Pearce

Each painting embodies Georgina’s own vibrant spirit and her love of symmetry and colour.

Georgina Pearce is a Winchester-based artist whose work focuses on the interplay between precious materials and texture to capture and reflect light. Each painting embodies Georgina’s own vibrant spirit and her love of symmetry and colour. Originally from Dorset where she studied art, Georgina enjoyed a successful career as a media stylist in London before moving to Winchester in 2016. Here she developed her love of reflective colour and texture, which has since progressed onto canvas.

Jack by Georgina Pearce

Georgina’s primary focus is the reflection of light. Her first series (the ‘Native Sun’ collection, consisting of 19 pieces) was inspired by the relationship Native Americans had with the sun. Throughout the collection, she focused on the symmetry of scale and the play of light. This developed into her more recent studies of work and her ongoing collection ‘Space’, mastering the relationship between a deeper contrast of light and negative space. Each new piece is based on a moon or star within our galaxy, and is inspired by the differing colours and light it reflects.

Georgina’s art is displayed in Winchester galleries, and showcased in a number of businesses. She also has a collection on tour across London with Little Van Gogh. Georgina has also had many pieces commissioned by private individuals.


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