Georgina Pearce - Atherton Green Art
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Georgina Pearce


  • Eclipse


    Acrylic and copper with matt gel medium on canvas.

    I wanted to paint the beauty of an eclipse. I am inspired by the relationship that native Americans had with the sun.

    The sun symbol represents life- giving abundance with its warmth radiating healing and peace. There is always light surrounding the darkness.


    50cm x 50cm

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  • Lunar Eclipse


    This piece was inspired by the last lunar eclipse in May 21. The moon turned a beautiful copper and I wanted to capture this stunning moon. Lunar eclipse is a mix of copper, silver and oxidised silver round the edge to keep the warmth. The base is a powder blue to keep the piece bright and uplifting.

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  • Milky Way and Moon


    Gold , silver and copper oils and 22nd carat champagne gold leaf on canvas (framed). The canvas is dyed black, the stars are silver, gold and copper oil paint and neon Indian ink. The moon is gilded with champagne gold. This piece shows the large negative expanse of space and the cluster of light creating the Milky Way and Moon. A black wood frame complements this piece.


    70cm x 70cm

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  • Water Lily Nebula


    Acrylic, Turquoise, Vardo and Blue , Copper and Variegated leaf on canvas. This piece was inspired by an interstellar cloud of primary hydrogen. The nebula at this stage is giving off strong radiation which creates spectacular reflections. This piece was created by layering up multiple droplets gilded with copper, the final layer with variegated leaf, The background is a turquoise and matt blue finish.  100cm x 100cm

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