Fiona Hunter

Fiona Hunter

After a successful career as an art director in advertising Fi took up sculpture. What started out as a hobby has recently became a full time passion.

Leaf - Resin and skeleton leaves on marble resin base 58 x 28cm £2100
Fiona Hunter Sculpture

Working from her studio in Marlow she starts by sculpting larger than life heads in clay. She prefers not do straight portraits but rather morph various sketches into more timeless beings. From a finished clay head she goes on to make her own moulds, a long and complicated process, then on to casting herself or with a foundry. Working not just in bronze she combines resins with unusual materials such as stone, iron dust, textiles feathers and dried foliage.


Inspired by eroded ancient artefacts, pieces are purposely rusted or aged with acid or her angel grinder and in her recent work, fascinated by the beauty of decomposition in nature, she boiled leaves in sodium carbonate to get delicate skeletons.


Nature plays a big part in her work, from using natural found things from the Thames path to her outdoor pieces expressing emotions tied to the seasons.


Fascinated by the strength & the fragility of the human condition she looks to reflect this not just in the human expressions but through the final materials physical attributes, from hard metals and stone to delicate lace and leaves.

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