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  • Sofa Surfer VI


    Acrylic on paper (framed) A response to Lockdown in Spring 2020.

    Away from my main studio and with only limited supplies and stimulus, I embarked on a painting a day using any, impulsive, inspiration I could find. I painted quickly and freely without necessarily pertaining to usual techniques that I like to keep consistent in my work. The mini series of Sofa Surfers was based on poses taken from magazines, old art books and furniture catalogues! All re-imagined as classical reclining nudes, languishing in lockdown.

    A grey wood frame complements this piece.

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  • Song of the Sea (Cornwall)


    Oil and acrylic on gesso panel (framed).  This piece is inspired by a trip to the Cornish coast – I spent some time there doing an expressive landscape painting course at Newlyn school of Art .

    A white moat frame complements this piece. 37.5cm x 42.5cm

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  • Squeezebox


    Carborundum, collagraph ,collage ,monotype (framed)


    97cm x 133cm

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  • Stage Set


    Oil and mixed media on canvas.

    A ‘snapshot’ of social display and interaction on a stage full of coloured screens. The plethora of photos I encounter on social media and in fashion magazines inspired this painting. I wanted to play with the body gestures, the poses often adopted when being photographed.

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  • Still


    Mixed media on canvas- Painted with a limited palette, I wanted this painting to capture a certain mood and atmosphere. Through the slow and meditative process of creating it, I hoped to instil it with the essence of a state of mind. 

    This painting is enhanced by a black frame.

    120 x100cm

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  • Story Time


    Oil and Mixed media on canvas.

    During Lock down I was unable to travel to my studio so I decided to build on my miniature paintings from my ‘lockdown studio’ aka – the kitchen table


    Working on a miniature scale has been a great way to experiment with new approaches and materials. I have painted many of these and they have become part of my ‘Moments of being’ series – they’re visual expressions of moments; emotions and musings on daily life

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  • Strata


    Mixed media on canvas. Layers of concrete and rich red oil paint repel and attract each other leading to a highly textured surface.  Through the slow and meditative process of creating it, I hoped to instil it with the essence of a state of mind.

    This painting is enhanced by a black frame.

    60 x 60cm

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  • Streams


    by Keith Busby

    Gouache on recycled paper (framed). This is an anonymised portrait of my father, a keen fisherman, seen holding a tench that won him a competition. He is pictured wearing his angling hat and tie combo which apparently ensured success. He used to work for a small coach builder and always appreciated the design of the Airstream. This one I saw locally hidden behind a hedge. A black wood frame complements this piece.


    22 cm x 27.5 cm 


    22cm x 27.5cm

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  • Summer Garden


    Acrylic on aluminium (framed). Painted on a sunny day in a friend’s garden. The shapes of the fences and the lawn and the tree really contributed to the abstract nature of the piece. Aluminium is a surface to paint on really lends itself to quick immediate work.

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  • Sunny Side Up


    Acrylic and collage on canvas (framed).

    The Modern Love series is all about opposites, contrast, diversity, attraction, yin and yang. Sunny Side Up was inspired by a very sunny day, where really long shadows were cast across the street, emphasising the cyclists going by. The day before I’d got caught up in one of the nude cycle rides that seem to be taking over our cities and the vision was still clear in my mind.

    A black or natural wood frame complements this piece.

    50cm x 50cm

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  • Sunset on the Scimitar


    By Keith Busby

    Gouache on recycled paper (framed). The Reliant Scimitar belongs to my neighbour and despite his best efforts it is reaching the end of its design life. A west coast sunset seemed a fitting tribute to such an iconic vehicle. A black wood frame complements this piece.

    22cm x 27.5cm

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  • Surf Crashing

    Watercolour, acrylic and silver leaf on paper (framed) Is the beginning of a new series of seascapes capturing the Wild Atlantic Way and the majestic beauty of the North Atlantic waters. Silver leaf captures the rock, while fluid watercolour pin points the horizon and beyond.

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