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  • “Ben”


    Stoneware ceramic with red patina


    ‘Ben’ is a contemplative seated figure-embracing his legs in a deep thought. This life studywas aiming to capture a reflective moment.



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  • “Liz” Torso


    Ceramic torso with oxide – Stoneware.


    Liz has been named after the life model who posed for the sculpture. I love the warm colour and how it enhances this forms’ gentle curve and slight angle.


    This sculpture would suit either an interior or exterior space and is designed for all external elements.


    D:20 xW: 19 xH: 33cm

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  • “Natasha”


    Ceramic with glaze- Stoneware(can be placed in both interior/exterior space).


    “Natasha” 2019 has a lovely exaggerated hip movement –this piece is inspired by female dancing sculptures found around the temples of Southern India.


    I’m really pleased with her patination and although it is a ceramic glaze it has a verdigris quality.




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  • A Lass and the Nymphs


    Acrylic on canvas (framed).

    Salon Anon is a series about colour, light and form as a tribute to all the great artists who inspire me. A Lass and the Nymphs is a reference to Hylas and the Nymphs by JW Waterhouse, with a modern twist.

    A black or natural wood frame complements each piece.

    50cm x 50cm

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  • A Night in Sienna


    Mixed media on board (framed)


    This was my first visit to Sienna. We ended up sleeping in the hire car as everywhere was booked up! Happy memories!

    99cm x 73cm

    A blue/black wooden frame complements this piece.

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  • Abstract Jura Sky


    Oil and shellac on mountboard (framed).


    I visit the island of Jura on the west coast of Scotland every year. It is a bleak, barren island inhabited by 196 people and a constant source of inspiration for me. The skies there are never mundane – they are big, dramatic and awe inspiring. I hope I have captured this in my painting.


    A pale grey wood frame complements this piece.

    32.5cm x 52.3cm

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  • After the rain


    Oil on canvas (framed).


    In May 2018 I travelled to Le Lot to paint with a group of artists. We were there for a week and hoping for warm, dry weather. What we got was a lot of rain which made painting “en plein air” challenging. By the end of the week the rain had stopped and in return there was a wonderful , fresh, green landscape which I have captured here.

    A pale moulded wood frame complements this piece.


    49.5cm x 70cm

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  • Arrival in Venice


    Mixed media on canvas (unframed).


    The thrill of the first view of the lagoon and the shimmering city was breathtaking!

    100cm x 100cm

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  • Arwaraonsen


    Black water ink and gold Japanese watercolour on Japanese paper (framed). 


    Large mountains form a spectacular landscape framing the rice fields, the fields flooded with water reflect the golden light. 


    A black wood frame complements this piece.


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  • Bolly



    Initially starting life as a larger artwork, I adopted ‘less is more’. Inspired by old Indian sun faded advertising posters, she has a seriousness about her and a look that wont stop following you.


    This piece is available in three different limited edition variants, all unframed:


    Colour block linocutoriginal hand painted artwork – 23cmx20cm £450


    Giclee prints – 80cm x 70cm £350, 125cm x 150cm £600 (*special order)

    These prints display great accuracy and depth of colour, ensuring faithful reproductions of originals with vivid and saturated colours and will outlast a lithographic print by up to six times.


    Aluminium substrate prints  – 80cm x 70cm £700

    These are printed on to an aluminium surface. The finish is a refined matte one lending the brighter portions of the picture a light sheen. The printing technique produces vivid colours and sharp details while the surface creates a unique artistic finish. The substrate board is backed with a black aluminium frame moulding which gives the appearance of a “floating” artwork.


    * these pieces are created to order and may take up to 3 weeks to deliver.

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  • Boro


    Mixed media on paper (unframed).


    This work is based on Japanese patched cloth.

    91cm x 71cm

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  • Broken River


    Mixed media on paper (framed).


    The inspiration for this piece was travelling across the desert in Australia- amazing!


    A pale wood frame complements this piece.

    117cm x 79cm

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