Corinna Button : Museum VI


Oil, graphite and mixed media on canvas. This painting in my ‘Museum’ series was inspired by encounters in museums whilst studying and making sketches of old carved stone heads suspended in glass cabinets. The textures; incised lines, the tooled marks and the intriguing traces of patterns and pigment just visible on their surfaces I find very seductive.


My intention was to capture the experience of these visits; the ebb and flow of people; sounds of whispers and snippets of conversation drifting over; brief encounters with shadows and reflections appearing over the glazed exhibits. My process involved layers upon layers of paint and other materials then sanding back, scraping away to imbue the surface with a rich texture. I utilise this approach in all of the media I work with; it’s the overlap of accident and intention that I like so much, because it impregnates the surface, giving it a sense of something that has been carved out, weathered or cracked by time.


Ideas develop from conversations, observing body language and how people interact and influence each other. I like to suggest narratives or a drama just beginning to unfold.


92cm x 122cm

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Dimensions 122 × 92 cm