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Creating Vibrant Contemporary Collections

The excitement of discovering a piece of original Art is just the start, learning its story, and who the artist is behind it, followed by the thrill of buying it is like no other.

When you see the piece for the first time in the place you had in mind, it comes alive in your home. Every time you walk past it, glimpse it out of the corner of your eye, you feel uplifted all over again, remembering exactly the moment it captivated you, where you were, who you were with, and what was happening around that time in your life.

athertongreenart is about the art itself, the artist, and you – the art buyer – we make the connection between you and the creator.

We know you don’t always have the time to search the country yourself, but you want something utterly original, with a distinct style by credible, working artists. We understand that knowing the how and why behind the piece makes owning it even more special. That is why we spend the time finding and selecting innovative, engaging, artists, who create fine art, mixed media and sculpture in both original and limited edition.

If you need help picking the right piece for your space, we also offer a bespoke consulting service. Through regular exhibitions, pop-ups and events, and our website, we bring our stable of artists together to show you. We make it easy to own these beautiful works of art by taking the stress out of buying with simple delivery costs, free returns if you aren’t entirely happy, and a framing service option.

In a world where anything is available at the click of a button, we make the experience of buying art something meaningful.

athertongreenart is where you can find real gems and create vibrant contemporary collections. Keep an eye out for new artists on our site and an unfolding events programme. Follow us on Instagram and Linkedin to keep up to date or contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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Provence Puppeteer
Provence Puppeteer

How we came about – a word from Sue Atherton-Green:

“My passion for bringing great art and great buyers together is driven by an upbringing surrounded by art and artists, and knowing what it can bring to your life …

I was brought up in an artist community, my father was a graphic designer, university lecturer, art collector and sculptor. He was always creating something!

One of my favourite pieces the “Provence Puppeteer”, created for my mother, is a hand-carved and assembled piece with a French marionette feel – a heart in one hand and a handful of strings with wooded drops dancing from the ends. 

My mother loved it, and it hung in our living room gently moving as our lives swirled around it. It still hangs in my own home now, playing with the light and all my memories held in its crafted hands.

I developed a deep affection and affinity for art from a young age, I was that child that loved gallery visits – and started by collecting and visiting exhibitions whenever possible.

After cutting my teeth working in galleries and art fairs, I established athertongreenart just as my first artist reached out to me and asked if I’d represent her. By coincidence, my husband had bought a piece of her art for me that Christmas. It was the 21st NOA’s Original Print Prize, Cinegirl, by Shelley Dyer-Gibbins and I was looking at her piece hanging in the kitchen while I was reading her email – it must have been meant to be!

Today I represent a growing portfolio of hand-picked distinctive artists, and provide a highly individual service to buyers, collectors and interior designers to find just the right piece.

Bringing it all together…
The combined experiences from childhood and a career in blue chip retail organisations before setting up on my own as a consultant, have culminated in athertongreenart. The same ability I needed to juggle multiple clients and projects have now become a strength to translate the needs between creators and collectors alike – it’s a deep pleasure to introduce artists I’ve personally discovered to collectors, interior designers and art lovers.

I believe Art is far more than an expression of creative imagination, it is a sexy, provocative, whimsical, joyous and vibrant experience that becomes a part of your story.

Cinegirl, by Shelley Dyer-Gibbins
Cinegirl, by Shelley Dyer-Gibbins